Early Summer Feelings in Valencia

On April, second another lucky group of cook apprentices arrived savely in Valencia, Spain.
The weather is sensational, it feels like summer is already here. Not a cloud in the sky, twenty-five degrees, everythings blooming, life is just great.

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Austria is greeting Ireland and saying Hello!!

In a few days we will leave Austria to visit Ireland for voluntary work

A group of 17 people will go to Kilkenny and stay there for 16 days.

To all of the host familys I would love to say HELLO and thank you that our students can share a few days with you, to get known your culture, your traditions and also how to prepare Irish dishes.

Looking forward to meeting you, kind regards,

Helmut Hatz

Italy Sicily May 2016



A new group of 15 students from Austria will start their experiences in Italy on Saturday, 30th of April 2016. It is the first time we are going with a group of waiters and one cook to work in Italy. This time our destination will be Bacellona Pozzo di Gotto in the northeast of Sicily.
Mrs. Karin Grabner and Mr. Ljubo Vuljaj will accompany them during the following 15 days of their stay.
Everybody is very interesting what will happen within these two weeks.
We wish a pleasant stay, fine weather, a lot of sunshine, nice collegues, delicious food and ……

All participants will inform you during their stay on this page and show you their pictures.

see you later,
bye, bye,

Countdown for Valencia …

On Monday, 21st of March, we start with a new group of students from Graz to Valencia. For two weeks the waiters, receptionists and cooks will get new experiences in restaurants and hotels. Staying with hostfamilies, the students will also learn about living and working in Spain.
We are sure, everybody will enjoy the stay and they can return with a a lot of impressions from this lovely town.

We wish all the best!

Mrs. Stranzl
Mr. Schaden